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FURY (2014)

Movie Review by David Blackwell


134 minutes, Rated R

STUDIO: Columbia Pictures/ QED International

Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 10-17-2014

In the waning days of World War II (the last month of the European Theater part of WW II), Norman (Logan Lerman)- an Army clerical worker- joins the tank crew of Fury in Germany after Fury loses one of its crew after being years together under the command of Sergeant Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt).  Don is war weary and he wants his crew to survive the war since ideas are peaceful and history is violent.  The tank crew of Fury is first sent with other tanks and soldiers to secure a German town before they are assigned the emission of guarding a crossroads to make sure the US supply line isn’t cut off.


FURY is full of great battle scenes and a great central performance from Brad Pitt who shows so much emotion in a soldier who is trying to hold it together as the war is having its effects on him.  He hide it from his men, but he is a little ticked off when his men (who are sometimes jerks and brutes) interrupt a nice breakfast that Don and Norman are having with two German women (and he prevents his men from raping the women).   Norman seems to be shocked by fighting in the front where Hitler has ordered every man and kid to fight.   Norman first is a crappy assistant driver after he fails to shoot at a German soldier before he attacks the tank in front of Fury.   Don wants to teach Norman lessons about being a soldier and a man.   He is tough one moment and caring for the new recruit the next moment.  


FURY is an intense war movie which shows war is hell and David Ayers crafts a technically great war movie with Brad Pitt stealing the show as a battle scarred soldier.   The third act does have holes (like why didn’t they load more ammo in the tank when being attacked by Germans and having to go out to get more in the middle of the fight).   You can’t go wrong with this movie which is better than DRACULA UNTOLD and not as classic as GONE GIRL.


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