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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Movie review by David Blackwell


169 minutes, Rated PG-13

STUDIO: Paramount Pictures/ Warner Bros Pictures / Legendary Pictures/ Syncopy

Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 11-7-2014

INTERSTELLAR is an awe-inspiring film.  It is an exploration of the human spirit and the need to survive along with the need to reach out beyond to explore unknown new worlds.  It also straddles the balance between family and science along with a little on taking a leap of faith.   It is taking place in a near future where a dust blight destroying crops while NASA is working on a secret way to find other worlds for humanity to escape to other worlds due to the discovery of a wormhole near Saturn.   Cooper takes up the task of piloting the latest mission to find a habitual world beyond the wormhole and get back to his daughter who will age years before he might ever her again.   INTERTSELLAR also weaves in some hard science fiction mixed with the latest astrophysics to drive home the sacrifices that the crew of Cooper’s ship will have to make including facing time dilation caused by the gravity of a nearby black hole named Gargantua.   It shows the awe and danger of space exploration where each world is fascinating and even possibly dangerous as the crew of the Endurance race against time to find a new home


INTERSTELLAR gets the science right from what may happen if a ship goes through a wormhole and how a black hole’s gravity may distort time.   Christopher Nolan has got the science right by consulting famous astrophysicist Kip Thorne.   The movie is well cast and the music score is great along with a few 2001 jokes from the Marine robot TARS which looks like a moving monolith.   INTERSTELLAR could have been slightly shorter, but it is another instant masterpiece from the director who has really put out great film after film despite some of their flaws or running a little long sometimes (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is a little too long).   The ending did leave me wanting a little more, but I think we have to take it on faith on what happens next as one of the messages is that human togetherness and love transcend space and time.   Cooper is trying to find a new world for humanity while years pass back on Earth as his daughter Murph tries to solve the gravity equations that Professor Brand (Michael Caine) started.  His daughter Amelia (Anne Hathaway) is on the mission with Cooper, but she has her own motives in choosing their next world.   Matt Damon puts in a surprise appearance as one of the astronauts sent on the mission before the Endurance went out. A couple of twists are thrown in and the mystery of Murph’s ghost that moves books at the Cooper farm gets solved during the movie.   I would definitely recommend this sci-fi classic and can’t wait to see it again sometime.   It is a movie that makes you think about our need to explore and survive.   I hope it inspires the future space explorers to not give up on going out to outer space and finding new worlds as I do believe as some characters in the film that we aren’t meant to stay on one world- we are meant to survive.


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