ENTERLINE MEDIA is into more than just movie and DVD reviews. Also I have a passion for photography.

In addition to my own projects like ALICE IN WONDERLAND and OCTOBER GOTHIC, I'm looking for client work.My current SPECIAL through middle of October for High School seniors is $150 (including disc of all images and one hour shoot time on location. If you want me to travel outside of the Kalispell area, inquire and it will have to be booked at least two weeks in advance if I agree to do the shoot. I want to ideally photograph within a 10 mile radius of Kalispell.If you hire me for advertising shoots, rates do vary and it depends on your end use (what you're going to use images for). I do have to look at a place that will inspire my photographic creativity so I can give you my best work.

Call or email me to ask questions and to inquire about other prices and services in addition to hiring me for a job. I also do graphic design work.

DAVID BLACKWELL- Enterline Media

(406)260-2314, contact@enterline-media.com

VISIT my Flickr or Facebook to see images I have taken. The Facebook page will include specials and updates.