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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Movie review by David Blackwell


94 minutes, rated R

STUDIO: Open Road Films/ Davis Films/ Konami/ Silent Hill 2 DCP

Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  10-26-2012


STARRING Adelaide Clemens (Heather/ Alessa), Sean Bean (Harry), Carrie-Anne Moss (Claudia Wolf), Malcolm McDowell

WRITTEN and DIRECTED by Michael J. Bassett

It has been several years since the events in the first SILENT HILL film, somehow Rose has returned here daughter Sharon from the world of Silent Hill.  She and her father are constantly on the run from the cult that wants to be freed from the hell of Silent Hill.   Sharon goes by the name of Heather now and she now returns to Silent Hill again when her dad is kidnapped by the cult.   She finds out about the past her father tried to shield from her in the process.


SILENT: REVELATION doesn’t really expand on the mythos of the SILET HILL universe, but it follows some of the same stuff in the first film.  It is one of the better sequels for a horror movie series based on a video game.  SILENT HILL: REVELATION has a good pace going to it and even some creepy factor added in.  The 3D effects do pop out at time.  I still wish the sequel was a little longer and expanded more on Silent Hill other than showing some new characters and tell the viewer how some of them can travel between worlds, but they do explain fairly well how Heather is able to be in either world before she returns to Silent Hill.   I just wonder why they didn’t have a major creepy clown character since part of the movie takes place in an amusement park.   Sean Bean does seem rather underused in this movie to serve only as the plot point that drives Heather to go to Silent Hill.   However, I can compare the first two SILENT HILL movies to the first two HELLRAISER films.  I do wonder what Roger Avary would have cooked up for a script before he was sent away to jail for vehicular manslaughter.   


In the end, the sequel would have been helped if it was fleshed out more.  It needs more muscles added to it and I hate to say the sequel to HELLRAISER managed to tell more with about the same running time.   SILENT HILL: REVELATION needed more character development and scares.   If they make a third SILENT HILL, I do hope they follow up with the two dangling threads at the end and improve on the second film and make it something closer in quality to the superior first film (which it actually was really good in a reviewing I did the night before seeing SILENT HILL: REVELATION).


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