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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4

2011 TV In Review
article by David Blackwell

GAME OF THRONES-   one of the best series to come out in 2011.  Very engaging with wonderful character development.  can't wait for season 2.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY-  A great and twisted experiment in anthology storytelling.  One season tells a whole story of a haunted house and the people who live or have lived there.  I will miss the man in the black rubber suit.


FRINGE-   FRINGE continues to surprise and offer some amazing twists.   I will continue watching in what may be the last season for this show.


STARGATE UNIVERSE-    Sadly, SyFy cancelled a Stargate series that kept getting better.   Too bad fans didn't tune in because they were expecting the same type of STARGATE SHOW like SG-1 and ATLANTIS.

NIKITA-   the best adaptation of La Feme Nikita so far and Maggie Q make you wonder who this Peta Wilson was.

HELL ON WHEELS-  This slow burn Western is what some say is almost as good as DEADWOOD.   I found this show to be moving faster in story than season 2 of THE WLAKING DEAD.


TERRA NOVA-   This series had promise even though it misfired as much as it hit homeruns with the concept of people going into the past during the time of the dinosaurs to create a future for humanity.    One actor steals the show from the rest of the cast is Steven Lang who plays Commander Taylor, the leader of Terra Nova.  Taylor wants to preserve a future for Terra Nova even from the dark intentions of the Sixers and people from the dying world of 2149 who want to mine Terra Nova for the resources

DOCTOR WHO-   Even though this season was a little uneven, Moffat's run as show runner still is better than Russell T. Davies take on DOCTOR WHO.    i Hope that show does take a little less of a serialized story arc approach for this year.


THE KILLING- please cancel it.    The season ended on a cliffhanger.   People want to know who killed the girl and not have the mystery be drug out.

THE WALKING DEAD-  season 2 is just dragging on and on.  pick up the pace.   I think they could have told the first few episodes in about half of the episodes.


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