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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4

DVD Review by David Blackwell

DETAILS:  92 minutes, deleted scenes, outtakes, behind-the-scenes featurette, interviews, trailer
VIDEO:  2.40:12 (Anamorphic Widescreen)
AUDIO:  English 5.1 Dolby Digital
Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish

STUDIO:  MPI Home Video/ IFC Films/ Entertainment Film Distributors/ Ealing Studios/ Fragile Film/ Aegis Film Fund/ Prescience/ Quickfire Films
RELEASE DATE:  12-20-2011

Burke (Simon Pegg) and Hare (Andy Serkis) are a couple of down on their luck con men in 19th century Edinburgh, Scotland.   One of the lodgers in the lodging house (that they're staying in) passes away from natural causes.    They sell the body off to Dr. Knox (Tom Wilkinson) who teaches for one of the two major medical schools.   They start down the path of murdering people to provide two corpses a week for Knox's classes and studies  Knox is having parts of the human body photographed to provide an accurate map of the human anatomy inside and out as he is competing for a monetary reward from the king.  Fortunes rise for everyone as Burke decides to fund an all female version of Macbeth because he wants to bed Ginny (Ilsa Fisher).   Soon less savory elements like  McTavish (the head of organized crime in edinburgh) want in on Burke and hare's corpse selling business as Hare dreams of a business beyond selling murdered bodies.

BURKE AND HARE is a hit and miss black comedy from Director John Landis.  It features a wide cast of British actors you have seen from various British films.  This film isn't the gem of anyone's career, but you can't call BURKE AND HARE a terrible film.   It is just a time waster if you have nothing to watch or that you're a fan of anyone involved in this film.   The movie could have been better and yet it isn't a complete failure.

Several deleted and extended scenes feature many things rightfully edited for pacing reasons while a couple of scenes would have been nice to leave in (like how Burke and Hare met one of their victims) and one scene showing an early photographer protesting his work being confiscated.   The outtakes are stuff you can skip.

Also included among the extras are thorough interviews with many members of the cast and crew, behind-the-scenes material, and the theatrical trailer.

FINAL ANALYSIS:  BURKE AND HARE is an OK black comedy.   It is a hit and miss affair which is for fans for the actors in the film and director John Landis.

this DVD review is (c)2-1-2012 David Blackwell and cannot be reprinted without permission.  send all comments to feedback@enterline-media.com