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CARRIE (2013)

Movie review by David Blackwell


99 minutes, rated PG-13

STUDIO:  MGM/ Screen Gems

Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 10-18-1013

Carrie (Chloe Grace Moretz) is a shy high school student with an overbearing crazy Christian mother.  Carrie has her first period in the shower after PE class and freaks out.  She is made fun of by fellow female high school students who throw tampons at her and one even films it (and posts it on YouTube).  Soon Carrie discovers with her period has come the discovery of telekinetic powers and starts to learn about her new abilities while one of the high school students feel sorry for making fun of Carrie and wants to make up for it by asking her boyfriend to ask Carrie out to the prom.   These series of events sets the course for an explosive sequence at the prom.


CARRIE is basically a remake of the Brian De Palma film which is base don the Stephen King novel of the same name.  Chloe Moretz is great as the awkward and shy teen as she plays Carrie better than Sissy Spacek ever did.  The remake does take advantage of the advances in special effects since the other CARRIE was made back in the mid 1970s in addition to really fleshing out the characters with great direction given to the actors by director Kimberly Pearce.   I do wish they could have changed the ending and made it more powerful as CARRIE is ultimately a tale about how teenagers can be monsters and how the quiet ones can be pushed too far.   It touches on how the first period can be terrifying for some girls in addition to how high school has caste systems that allow cruelty.   It is even more relevant in today’s technology age with camera phones and the internet.  It isn’t a bad adaptation, but I wish Kimberly Pearce could have taken a few more risks with CARRIE despite the great performances and wonderful direction.  Instead the adaptation sometimes feels like we have seen it before except for different performances and an update for the 21st century.


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