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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Movie review by David Blackwell


126 minutes, rated PG-13

STUDIO: Universal Pictures/ Legendary Pictures/ Amblin Entertainment

Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 6-12-2015

Over twenty years since the incident at Jurassic Park on the island of Ilsa Nublar, a Jurassic World theme park is fully operational on the same island.  Brothers Zach and Gary Mitchell go tot the island to visit their Aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard)- who happens to be a workaholic who hasn’t seen her nephews in years (that she can’t remember their ages and decides to send her British assistant to watch over Zach and Gary).  Meanwhile, Claire is overseeing the development of a new dinosaur called Indominus Rex and the park’s owner Simon wants her to bring on Velopicraptor expert and trainer Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to look for things they missed to make sure the new dinosaur doesn’t escape containment, but they don’t count on how smart the new creation is and the whole park come sunder danger.   Zach and Gray lose the assistant and go off on their own while Vic Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio)- head of InGen security- wants to exploit the raptors for military use and use the new situation to his advantage.


JURASSIC WORLD is an improvement over the last two sequels (THE LOST WORLD and JURASSIC PARK 3 which the producers have decided to ignore and make JURASSIC WORLD a direct sequel to the first film) that almost captures the magic of the first movie.   It has a few moments that act as a homage callbacks to the first movie along with good action sequences, but there are a couple of plot bunnies that annoy me like how the Indominus Rex escapes captivity and Claire wearing heels everywhere (as part of her vanity probably and the fault lies on director Colin Trevorrow listening to Bryce Dallas Howard’s reasoning to have her character wear them all the way through the movie).  Owen’s raptor posse (of Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo) is one of my favorite parts of the movie along with the surprise reveal of one of the most famous dinosaurs in the climax and jimmy Fallon acting as a video informational tour guide.  They do leave open possibilities for another movie (which is likely given how much money JURASSIC WORLD will pull in from the first weekend and over the course of its theatrical run).


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