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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


TV Show review by David Blckwell




Sunday night, June 21 on TNT

Captain Chandler (Eric Dane) races to stop the plans that Baltimore has for the cure (where they decide to join a local resistance unit) while his crew mount a way to take back the U.S.S. Nathan James.  Meanwhile, Dr. Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra) looks for a way to create a vaccine for the virus that has been decimating the world’s population since she now has the cure.  Sacrifices will be made as the fight intensifies over who has control of the cure.


THE LAST SHIP starts out the second season from where the first season ended.  The crew is split up, but they still act like a professional military unit.  It is also nice to see them away from traveling on the open waters for at least two episodes to offer a change of pace for the show.  The first two wraps up the arc that started at the end of the season.   I wonder how things will play out in future episodes given how the second episode ended.  The show’s only problem is that the white characters are the most well written (Like Chandler, Rachel, and XO Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin)) while the black characters are hard to tell apart or you have “the ends justifies the means” attitude of Alfre Woodward’s character.


THE LAST SHIP does have a positive portrayal of military operations as the crew of the U.S.S. Nathan James faces another series of challenges.  This show continues to play strong unlike the so-so writing of FALING SKIES.  I hope they continue to explore how the pandemic is affecting the world even when they have the ability to make the vaccine.  Also I wonder where the rest of the U.S. military is and whether the Nathan James crew will clash with the surviving military sometime soon.  THE LAST SHIP has many ways they can explore the world and still be an entertaining show.  Season 2 is off to a solid start (despite the second episode feeling a little rushed) and you should stick around.


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