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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Movie review by David Blackwell


132 minutes, rated PG-13


STUDIO: Warner Bros. Pictures/ Legendary Pictures

Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 7-12-2013

In the near future, huge alien monster known as the Kaiju have risen through a dimensional rift deep in the ocean.  Soon the nations of the world are building gigantic humanoid mechas called Jaegers to combat the Kaiju.   PACIFIC RIM follows the story of retired Jaeger pilot Raleigh Beckett (Charlie Hunam) who lost his brother to the Kaiju in combat five years ago) and is called out of retirement by Stacker Pentecoast (Idris Elba)who commands the remaining Jaeger forces in a eleventh hour effort to defeat the Kaiju before the human race is destroyed.


PACIFIFC RIM is a really enjoyable movie from director Guillermo del Toro with some really cool mecha vs. giant monster fights, characters you connect to, a wonderfully visualized world, and special effects that are much better than the effects in MAN OF STEEL.  Rinko Kikuchi and Idris Elba have to be my favorite actors in the film while I enjoyed the interplay between the two scientists played by Charlie Day and Burn Gorman.  Idris Elba lends the tough leader quality while Rinko is great as the untested pilot Mako Mori who wants revenge against the Kaiju.  It is interesting that each Jaeger has to have two people pilot each one because one brain can’t handle operating them without great difficulty (and it tends to do damage to the human brain).  Ron Pearlman is good as the shady black market dealer, but I really wish HELLBOY 3 would get made so he can return one more time as Hellboy.  I would love to see more movies in the PACIFIC RIM universe or even novels and comic books because the first few minutes builds up lots of back story they can explore.   Also the preview trailers don’t spoil the climax or ending while keeping some stuff a mystery (no matter how many trailers they throw at moviegoers. 


PACIFIC RIM may have opened up in third place, but I hope good word of mouth gets people to go see it whether it is for the first or second time.  I would love to know more about the Gipsy Danger and the other Jaegers in this universe.  Del Toro, screenwriter Travis Beacham, and the production team have created this rich world that fans of Transformers, Japanese Mecha, anime, and giant monster movies will love.  Lots of background details and production design details that people will pick up on more with repeat viewings.  If I was a kid, I would be buying figures of the Jaeger and Kaiju from this movie.  Where is the role playing game and video games for this?  PACIFIC RIM is more of a summer popcorn movie that is more enjoyable than say any of the TRANSFORMERS films (which I also liked to a variety of degrees) and I liked the cast better in this movie (than say the casting in TRANSFORMERS).  I also liked that it didn’t try to plug itself off as an origin story and feel like this was like a movie that takes place later in the series (where you don’t have the origin story bogging everything down).


 I do wish they had a couple more Jaeger vs. Kaiju battles in this one.  I do hope PACIFIC RIM does make enough money to warrant a sequel because I do think this is one of the best summer popcorn movies of this year with a great background story, visual effects, and was more fun than many of the other big budget films this year.  Go see it now if you haven’t already.  I expect PACIFIC RIM to do better on Blu-ray and DVD in the US while foreign theatrical sales will hopefully generate enough money to sell Warner Bros. on a sequel.


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