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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4
Movie review by David Blackwell

118 minutes
STUDIO:  FilmDistrict/ Incentive Filmed Entertainment/ Sierra Pictures/ Sidney Kimmel Entertainment
Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 1-25-2013
Parker (Jason Statham) is talked into doing a job with a crew who is robbing the Ohio State Fair.  After the job, Parker is betrayed and left for dead after he decides not to have his share held over for a bigger job the crew needs all of the money for.   Parker tracks the crew while being tailed by a Mob assassin.  He ends up in Palm Beach, Florida and ends up partnering up with a down-on-her-luck real estate broker, Leslie Rogers (Jennifer Lopez).   Parker finds out Melander (Michael Chiklis) and his crew are planning to rob a fortune of jewels that they will get 20 cents on the dollar.  He plans his revenge and to steal their score after they do the robbery.

PARKER is an adaptation of the Donald E. Westlake novel, Flashfire.  It is an average breezy movie to pass a couple of hours.   Jennifer Lopez isn't incredible in this movie (but she does downplay her image to play the character) while PARKER isn't my favorite Statham movie by a mile.  He is the perfect choice for Parker, but other movies based on The Hunter novel are better adaptations than Parker is even though this is the first film where the movie is able to use the name of the actual character without changing it at Westlake's request (when he was alive).  I heard the movie is a very faithful adaptation of the novel.

The movie doesn't have enough trademark Jason Statham action while it does an admirable job on building the plot. The scenery is well filmed and the direction is good.   It just that PARKER is bland and yet only mildly entertaining.  It doesn't use anyone's talents to their best advantage and better adaptations like PAYBACK and POINT BLANK stick out much more.  PARKER lacks a stand-out style.   I liked the movie even though I recommend they watch it on DVD or Blu-ray.  I do think other Jason Statham movies like THE BANK JOB, THE MECHANIC, or even the first TRANSPORTER are better movies than PARKER.

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