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RED DAWN (2012)

Movie review by David Blackwell


94 minutes, rated PG-13


STUDIO:  Film District/ Contrafilm/ Vincent Newman Entertainment/ MGM

Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  11-21-2012

The new RED DAWN had a variety of delays from being released when MGM was facing money problems and caused it to set on the shelf for a couple of years before being sold to Film District for release.  Since the movie was originally made, Chris Hemsworth went on to star in THE CABIN IN THE WOODS and play Thor in two films (THOR and THE AVENGERS).  Then they digitally altered the symbols on the vehicles and uniforms to be North Korean instead of Chinese due to the fact they didn’t want to offend China and wanted access to the ever growing film market.   The plot is the same as a group of high school kids decide to wage a guerilla war when the United States is invaded by a foreign power (Soviet Union in the original and now North Korea in the remake with Russians have taken over the Eastern seaboard).   The film doesn’t waste getting to the conflict of the kids who are led by the older brother of the quarterback as they decide to fight back by waging a guerilla war against the North Korean occupying army in Spokane, Washington.


RED DAWN features some good action scenes, but the characters come off too much as types and the North Koreans (who were Chinese originally) soldiers come off as pretty faceless with only a couple of them having names.   You have hotheaded high school quarterback, his fellow Wolverines football players, his girlfriend, Thor (or I mean his older brother who is a US Marine), a couple of people from San Diego, and the girl who has the hots for Thor (I mean the US Marine).   The problem with the film boils down to the fact the plot and the action scenes are more memorable than the characters and their names.   One of the best things touched on is that the idea of good guys and bad guys are interchangeable depending on the point-of-view of the guerillas or the invaders. 


I remember the original RED DAWN which I remember you knew more about the invaders in that film where in the remake all you know for the most part is from the POV of the Wolverines.  Director John Milius brought a bit of flair to the original and I remember the scene where the kids piss in the radiator of the truck and I felt more connected to the rebels fighting the Russians where I don’t have that same connection to the remake.  The action scenes are what I remember the most out of this film that takes place in and around Spokane, Washington.  If you want a good action film, the remake won’t disappoint.  However, if you want to care for the characters, you might want to watch the original again or watch it for the first time (if you haven’t seen it).


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