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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Movie review by David Blackwell


143 minutes, rated PG-13


STUDIO:  MGM/ Columbia Pictures/ Eon Productions

Theatrical RELEASE DATE (USA):  11-9-2012


STARRING Daniel Craig (James Bond), Javier Bardem (Silva), Judi Dench (M), Ralph Fiennes (Mallory), Naomie Harris (Eve), Ben Winshaw (Q)

WRITTEN by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, and John Logan

DIRECTED by Sam Mendes

SKYFALL looks forward while also acknowledging the James Bond of the past in the first new James Bond film in four years which was held up due to MGM’s financial problems which held up the production for two years along with the production of THE HOBBIT.   I enjoyed the movie, but sometimes I am also a little ambivalent about how it doesn’t feel enough like the typical James Bond movie.  However, SKYFALL does set itself as a turning point and an introduction to the various things we have loved about previous films.   The climax and bad guy motive seem a little too personal while I rather have James Bond get back to the business of stopping the Bond villain’s plan that effect the world as we know it.  M (Judi Dench) does make a good point that the face of the enemy has changed from nations to faceless groups like terrorists.   SKYFALL is trying to blend the James Bond of the 20th century with the James Bond of the 21st century.  


Bond fakes being dead after a mission goes wrong to retrieve a hard drive containing a list of all MI-6 agents undercover in terrorist organizations.  Bond is hit by the bullet of another MI-6 agent as she tries to hit the guy Bond is fighting with on a moving train.   When MI-6 is hit by a cyber attack three months later, Bond comes back from the dead to help M find the cyber terrorist Silva (Javier Bardem) who has a personal vendetta against M.  He wants M to pay for her sins as he threatens to release five names form the list of undercover agents each week.


SKYFALL does have a solid script, but sometimes I like a James Bond film to blend the best elements of the movies of what came before while trying to add something new.  It is a well cast film with some of the better British actors in it and Javier Bardem being over-the-top and menacing as (bisexual swinger)Silva.  I do think the film does feel a little too personal where I want Bond out on a mission in another country by the end of the movie where he ends up at his childhood home.  I do miss David Arnold not providing the music this time around (which was the director’s choice and frequent Mendes collaborator Thomas Newman isn't in the same league as Arnold) and you end up with a score that is somewhere between an unusual score like Goldeneye and your usual Bond score (composed by John Barry or David Arnold).   Again, I would see this movie again and it just isn’t in my top five James Bond list.   I do like the title sequence which reminds me of some of the classic title sequences from other James bond films and Adele’s title tune is miles better than the misfire of a song written for QUANTUM OF SOLACE.   James Bond is going strong after 50 years and I hope the next film learns to blend the old and new better even though I did enjoy some parts of SKYFALL better than other.  I hope it doesn’t take another four years or more for another Bond film.


This review is (c)11-11-2012 David Blackwell and cannot be reprinted without permission.  Send all comments to feedback@enterline-media.com