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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4






Dr. Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell)- leader of the Centers for Disease Control outbreak team- is called upon to investigate and control a potential outbreak at the Artic Biosystems  research facility where his brother Peter is infected with this virus which makes people usually aggressive and strong with the purpose of spreading the black oily virus by fluid contact


HELIX is one part ANDROMEDA STRAIN and one part RESIDENT EVIL mixed in with the paranoia of John Carpenter’s THE THING.   Ronal D. Moore has crafted a tense and creepy sci-fi thriller which will probably better work as a mini-series because I think it would be best to resolve the storyline in one to three seasons.   Dr. Hiroshi Hatake has to be the most mysterious of the characters while I like Dr. Sarah Jordan’s spunk.  The third episode (which is available On Demand and online right now) ups the ante more as things at the Artic bio research facility gets more out of control as they must contain the infected while some will go to any measure to contain it from the world.  I do wonder which of the infected will try to take the anti-virus cure which has a 75 percent fatality rate.   I hope they can keep the momentum up with this show, but I do believe they should know when it is good to develop the endgame for this series no matter how long people want HELIX to last.   I really hope they don’t ruin too much of a good thing, but the season preview looks like it will get even more extreme than the first three episodes.







In the first two episodes of the fourth season of LOST GIRL, the main character of Succubus named Bo plays a small part in the new season and it may have something to do with Anna Silk’s pregnancy.  The first episode starts with her friends having forgotten who she is and Dyson must then mount a search to rescue Bo when her friend’s remember the memories they had lost.  Meanwhile, Lauren is in hiding as a waitress.  


With no Anna Silk to anchor the center of the first two episodes, the show falls right on the shoulders of the other characters mainly Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid, and Hale (K.C. Collins).   It works oddly enough since Kenzi and dyson are such strong characters on the show- witness the tango dance between Kenzi and Dyson during IN MEMORIAM (which is a hot scene and Ksenia looks very attractive with that dress and hairdo).  I just hope they don’t draw out the storylines too much since the third season was a mixed bag after the stellar first two seasons.






I really do like the US version of BEING HUMAN (despite never having watched the original UK version), but it seems that the mythology and plotlines are getting more convoluted (which I think SyFy should wrap up this show after five seasons).   It is fun to see ghost Sally’s powers manifest more as they find a way to cure Josh of being a wolf except during the full moon.   Aidan (the vampire) finds out his wife isn’t truly dead, but she has a secret of her own which I think it will tear Adian up once he finds out what she has done (the same thing she is whipping her back over and over as a way to punish herself for her sin).








BITTEN is based on the novel of the same name by Kelly Armstrong.  Elena Michaels (Laura Vandervoort) is the lone female werewolf in existence.  She has been living in Toronto for a year as she is desperate to escape the existence she never wanted, but she is drawn back to Stonehaven- her pack’s ancestral territory- when a rogue werewolf is found to be killing humans that might eventually endanger the pack.   BITTEN is a series that is played out like a novel as it develops the various characters in the pack and it takes a look at Elena’s life before she comes home to Stonehaven where her arrogant ex-boyfriend still yearns for her (and please downplay that relationship because the ex is getting on my nerves).    I just hope they don’t drag out the hunt for the mutt (the rogue werewolf) too long and develop the plotlines to include other storylines as they develop the mythology.  


The first two episodes make me want to read the novel which came along with the press screener.  I think BITTEN has to be my favorite of this SyFy Monday line-up which I hope holds me over until season 3 of CONTINUUM starts in April.



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