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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4

Movie Review by David Blackwell

89 minutes, rated PG-13
STUDIO:   Summit Entertainment/ Regency Enterprises/ Bazelevs/ The Jacobson Company/ New Regency Pictures
Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  12-25-2011

I enjoyed THE DARKEST HOUR.  It is pretty to look at.   You just have to leave your brain at the door and not think about the bad script writing.  It just seems people make bad choices and not act logical in regards to what you should be doing when aliens have disintegrated most of the world's population because they're after our energy and resources.   Somehow they come across a crazy old electrician who has found a way to build a electro-magnetic gun that can disrupt the alien's energy fields allowing people to kill them.   Hirsch and Thirlby share no sparks while the movie doesn';t even try to develop their boind while they have a moment where a young Russian teenage girl interrupts them when they are about to kiss.  The movie is full of cliche characters you would appluad or not care if every one was killed off (don't get me started on what the love interest does when a boat is hit by the aliens.  The script finds excuses to get our characters in situations instead of trying to smartly evolve the characters and their actions.

THE DARKEST HOUR (for those who care about the plot) start with two young men (the important one played by Emile Hirsch) who go to Moscow, Russia with dreams of making it big with their latest computer app that finds cool hot spots for people to go to.    However, they have their idea stolen by their annoying Russian business partner.  They decide to go to a Russian nightclub to wallow in their sorrows and hit on two cute young American girls (the hot brunette one played by Olivia Thirlby).    Soon The aliens come down in beautiful orbs of light to kill us all.  The four Americans and the annoying Russian survive, and they hole up in the basement of a night club for several days.  Once out, they make for the American Embassy and learn a Russian sub is docked in the Moscow river.  They begin their journey to get to the sub as the plot inanely plays on until the end.

THE DARKEST HOUR is an example of a movie that looks more exciting from the trailer and basically it is a movie to enjoy on a rainy day if you have nothing else to watch.  I wish the story made us care more for the characters and the characters were more in danger.   The film has a good set-up only to have the rest of the film waste the promise the trailer showed.
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