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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Blu-ray review by David Blackwell


DETAILS: 98 minutes, audio commentary, making-of documentary, crowdfunding videos, teaser scene, deleted scenes, storyboards, theatrical trailers

VIDEO: 1.78:1 (Anamorphic Widescreen) 1080p High Definition

AUDIO: English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, English 2.0 DTS-HD MA

Subtitles: English SDH


STUDIO: IFC Midnight/ Shout! Factory/ Scream Factory/ Guerilla Films/ Screen Australia/ Ticket To Ride

RELEASE DATE: 8-4-2015

WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD is one of the more entertaining fresh visions I have seen in a while.  What is not to love about ideas like vehicles powered by zombie gas and a guy’s sister being able to control zombies.  This low budget Aussie zombie film is full of great locations and action scenes.  I hope to see Jay Gallagher and Bianca Bradey get exposed to a wider audience and other film directors.   The Roache-Turner’s work of love which is WYRMWOOD will hopefully get them to realize bigger movies on bigger budgets and I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to WYRMWOOD.  Barry (Jay Gallagher) makes a journey across the Australian landscape to find his sister Brooke (Bianca Bradey) who has been captured (and being experimented on) by a psychotic medical doctor (who likes to listen to music while doing his experiments).  He teams up with fellow survivors as they find out all conventional fuel sources aren’t flammable anymore and must fight against the zombies (basically anyone who doesn’t have A positive blood turns into one).  One critic says WYRMWOOD is “MAD MAX meets DAWN OF THE DEAD” and that critic is absolutely right, but also WYRMWOOD is a furious film of action and fun.



Audio Commentary with Kiah Roache-Turner and Tristan Roache-Turner


THE WYRMDIARIES: BEHIND THE SCENES OF WYRMWOOD (almost fifty minutes total)-  this is a very fun behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie from location filming, a near miss with a stunt which could have ended in injury (but didn’t due to the expert handling of the stunt people), zombie make-up, prop making, fun on the set (lots of dancing), and interviews with cast and crew


7 minute teaser pitch scene which is full of ideas that ultimately get used for the movie

12 deleted scenes (over 19 minutes) which show a farewell scene for one character, a brother who was cut out of the final movie (and the actor ended up playing a different character), and other scenes cut for pacing reasons


Director Storyboards

Two theatrical trailers which basically look alike


FINAL ANALYSIS: WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD will hopefully get a wider exposure on DVD and blu-ray because it deserves a sequel and be bigger than this crowd funded low budget zombie movie that took four years to make.  It is a true labor of passion.  You should also check out the making-of extras and the deleted scenes.  


This review is 8-10-2014 David Blackwell and cannot be reprinted without permission.  Send all comments to feedback@enterline-media.com


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