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Movie review by David Blackwell

121 minutes, Rated R
STUDIO: Columbia Pictures/ Escape Artists
Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 7-20-2018
THE EQUALIZER 2 is a competent action junk food sequel to the first movie. The Equalizer movies still don't hold a candle to the 1980s TV series, but maybe director Antoine Fuqua and star Denzel Washington should focus on a short form TV series to continue the series instead of a third movie because it would give more of a chance to explore who Robert McCall is and what he does to help people. The four seasons of the TV series gave plenty of room to develop the character, stories, and supporting recurring characters. THE EQUALIZER 2 does shed more light on Robert's past as he investigates the murder of his DIA friend Susan (Melissa Leo). He crosses paths with his former partner who believed Robert was dead all of these years and Robert's quest for vigilante justice leads him on a collision course with his past.

THE EQUALIZER 2 does provide an array of supporting characters as Robert uses the cover of a Lyft driver to help people. He tries to mentor Miles, a very artistic teenager who is falling in with the local gang. Robert is also friends with a senior citizen who is a Holocaust survivor. The beginning of the movie sees Robert on the quest to rescue a woman's young daughter from her vindictive Turkish ex-husband. I did enjoy the sequel, but I do think THE EQUALIZER reboot/ remake could be more if Denzel turned this series of movies into a TV series with seasons that run 6 to 10 episodes which would still give him ample time to do movies each year. If you liked the first movie, you will enjoy the sequel. I do recommend you check out the original TV series which is out on DVD from VEI or other crime drama like LUTHER starring Idris Elba.

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