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MI-5 (2014)

Blu-ray review by David Blackwell


DETAILS: 104 minutes, featurette, deleted scenes, digital HD copy

VIDEO: 2.40:1 (Anamorphic Widescreen) 1080p High Definition

AUDIO: English 5.1 DTS-HD MA

Subtitles: English SDH, English, Spanish


STUDIO: Lionsgate/ Saban Films/ Pinewood Pictures/ Isle of Man Film/ BBC/ Creative England/ Alitude Film Entertainment/ Kudos/ Shine Pictures

RELEASE DATE: 2-9-2016

MI-5 (SPOOKS: THE GREATER GOOD is the UK title) is a bookend and epilogue to the great MI-5 tv series (known as SPOOKS in the UK) which ran for ten seasons.  It can serve as a standalone movie, but I hope fans of the movie who haven’t seen the series will check out the TV show since this movie is also a reward to the fans of the series.  Harry Pearce (Colin Firth) is the heart and center of the series and the movie.  Section 9 chief Harry Pearce is dismissed from MI-5 when he lets a terrorist escape during a routine handover to protect innocent lives and the lives of his agents.   He goes underground to find out who betrayed MI-5 to allow the terrorists to rescue their leader and he recruits ex-MI-5 agent Will Holloway (Kit Harington who is best known as Jon Snow to GAME OF THRONES fans) to help stop a terrorist attack on London.  Will is first brought in by MI-5 to help track down and bring in Harry, but he learns a bigger game is in play as he must decide to work with MI-5 or with Harry.


MI-5 is great action thriller which makes me miss the TV series and want to rewatch the show, but I’m glad the series has an additional 104 minutes to provide us the fans with a new story.  It isn’t a perfect movie as the climax shows (rest of the plot is more plausible while some of the climax is a little cliché), but it is a much better spy movie than SPECTRE on a smaller budget than that latest James Bond movie.



THE MAKING OF MI-5 is a ten minute promotional featurette with cast and crew interviews and clips from the movie.

The three deleted scenes are scenes cut from the final third of the movie which would have slowed down the pacing.


Also included is a code to download and stream a digital HD copy of the movie.


FINAL ANALYSIS:  If you’re a fan of the MI-5 series, Jason Bourne, 24, or James Bond, you should give the MI-5 movie a watch and maybe even go track down the 10 seasons of one of the best action spy series ever made.


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