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Movie review: THE 5TH WAVE
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movie review by David Blackwell


112 minutes, Rated PG-13

STUDIO: Sony/ Columbia Pictures/ GK Films/ Material Pictures

Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  1-22-2016

Cassie (Chloe Grace Moretz) must survive in a world besieged by an alien invasion which comes in waves.  The first wave is loss of power, the second wave is disaster, the third wave is disease, and now the fifth wave is about to begin as Cassie travels to reunite with her kid brother.   The US military has recruited kids in their fight to kill the aliens known as the Others.


THE 5TH WAVE is a solid alien invasion thriller with Chloe Grace Moretz delivering a solid and fragile performance as Cassie, but Maika Monroe steals every scene she is in as the character Ringer (which makes me wish THE 5th WAVE was all from Ringer’s POV).   Even though the film starts not at the beginning, but thankfully the events told in flashback don’t ruin the plot.   I hope they make the sequel soon which I hear is from Ringer’s POV, but I think Columbia pictures will probably want the movie be based on Cassie’s POV.  I love about almost every movie Chloe is in, but Maika just plays just a badass character that she gives Chloe a run for her money when it comes to character performance.  The actor who has the thankless performance is Liev Schreiber who plays the generic military figure of authority who is more than meets the eye.  So probably the only big complaint with the movie are the alien bad guys are pretty faceless and the movie could have spent a little more time developing many of the characters instead of it just being Cassie’s journey mixed in with knowing a little bit about the other characters including Ben (aka Zombie), Ringer, and Cassie’s little brother.  Movie adaptations of Young Adult novels are big business as every movie studio is looking for the next HUNGER GAMES or Harry Potter success.   Hopefully there is a sequel to THE 5TH WAVE as it is at least entertaining enough for one watch whether you go see it in theaters or wait to rent it on digital, DVD, or blu-ray


This review is 1-28-2016 David Blackwell and cannot be reprinted without permission.  Send all comments to feedback@enterline-media.com


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